Rest intervals

The amount of time you spend resting in-between sets and exercises is dependant on what you’re training for. Rest periods give your central nervous system (CNS) and working muscles a chance to recover from what they’ve just done. Exercises that are more taxing on your CNS, such as training for maximal strength (heavy load, low … Continue reading Rest intervals

Women and weights

  The biggest misconception around female strength training is that lifting weights will ‘bulk’ you up. Unless you train, eat and live like the female version of Arnie, your physique won’t replicate it. Heavy strength training will make you stronger and increase the density of your muscles, and this is what gives you that ‘toned’ … Continue reading Women and weights


Whey protein isolate (WPI) When – after training and before bed. Taking whey protein after training helps to speed up recovery and increase lean muscle gain via an increase in muscle protein synthesis. If you’re wanting to get leaner you should opt for ~30g protein & <5g carbohydrate protein. If you’re looking to put on … Continue reading SUPPLEMENTS

Can muscle turn into fat?

No. Muscle and fat are two different types of tissues, just like a brick and a piece of wood. One cannot be turned into the other, despite some fantastic product marketing efforts. This misconception that one can be turned into the other stems from people who once were active and lifted weights, but then stopped … Continue reading Can muscle turn into fat?

Maximal strength

WHAT IS MAXIMAL STRENGTH AND WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? Maximal strength refers to the maximum amount of force that can be exerted by the neuromuscular system during a contraction. The heaviest weight than can be lifted in one repetition is known as a 1RM (repetition maximum), and is a critical factor for the development and … Continue reading Maximal strength

Caffeine and Exercise

In an exercise context, caffeine is often associated with an increase in alertness, mental clarity, and a decrease in the rate of perceived exertion (RPE) (1-6). It has also been shown to increase strength and maximum power (1,2). What’s interesting though is that the performance enhancing effect of caffeine is greater in well-trained athletes, than … Continue reading Caffeine and Exercise

What happens to your body when you train?

Have you been doing the same training for a while now but not seeing or feeling any improvement? You might be stuck in a plateau, and training extra hard to try and breakthrough it. The focus of this article is to help you understand how our body responds to exercise, and how we can utilize … Continue reading What happens to your body when you train?

Training Specificity

Is your current training in line with what you are actually training for? A surprising number of people are just ticking the daily exercise box with no direction, or more specifically, doing the wrong training for the goal they are trying to achieve. We are looking at training specificity and how it is vital in … Continue reading Training Specificity

Sleep – common recovery mistakes (pt 1)

One of the most under-utilised methods of recovery is the lack of importance placed on sleep, and therefore the lack of sleep. Sleep is the best recovery method, closely followed by your nutrition. Things like foam rolling, massage, hot/cold contrast, compression garments etc are important and certainly have their place, but make up only a … Continue reading Sleep – common recovery mistakes (pt 1)